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Giving You All the Essential Defensive Driving Skills

Behind the Wheel Driving School in Raleigh, North Carolina, offers private, one–on–one driving lessons to drivers of all ages and skill levels. Our defensive driving course is designed to turn you into a responsible driver with an absolute regard for the rules and the safety of passengers and your fellow motorists.

Open for Everyone

A professional driving school isn't just for teenagers getting their license for the first time. It's perfect for experienced drivers who want to enhance every aspect of their skills. Many people take the defensive driving course so they can renew their license or rectify lapses or wrong habits. There are elderly drivers who want to make sure they can still operate motor vehicles safely. No matter your reason, we give the training that you need.

Areas of Improvement

Even the most experienced drivers have areas to improve on. In addition, some road regulations may have changed since your last driver's ed class. Our job is to make sure you catch up on all the changes while further sharpening your skills.

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